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Short Description:

Elevate your branding with our LED Illuminated Frame Cooler Glass Door, featuring customizable silk-screen printing for a personalized touch. Ideal for commercial freezers and outdoor refrigerators.



Our Illuminated Focus Frame Glass Door can be silk printed on the second layer of the front Glass, with an optional client logo or slogan, which adds personalization and branding opportunity. The front glass is silk printed using high-temperature printing, ensuring a transparent, long-lasting logo or design.


The color of LED Neon door illumination frame can also be customized with any color you prefer, allowing you to match or contrast your existing storefront and merchandising zone. We also accept designing the physical structures, dimensions, etc., to meet the expectation of clients fully.

The Illuminated Frame Glass Door is designed for optimal functionality and convenience with a glass arrangement of 4mm Low-E Tempered Glass plus 4mm Low-E for Cooler use as a standard. Triple glazing with heated glass also can be supplied. The strong magnetic gasket and aluminum or PVC spacer filled with desiccant provide a tight seal, preventing moisture and dirt from entering your display area.


This newly released Illuminated Frame Glass Door adds sophistication and professionalism to your beverage cooler display. We always pay attention to detail and focus on high quality, ensuring that our product excels in style and durability, ultimately providing you with a superior display.


Key Features


Double Glazing for Cooler; Triple Glazing for Freezer
Low-E and Heated Glass are optional
Magnetic Gasket to provide a tight seal
Aluminum or PVC Spacer filled with desiccant
The Aluminum Frame structure can be customized
The color of the LED light can be customized
Self-closing function
Add-on or Recessed Handle




Illuminated Focus Frame Glass Door


Tempered, Float, Low-E, Heated Glass


Double Glazing, Triple Glazing

Insert Gas

Argon Filled

Glass Thickness

4mm, 3.2mm, Customized




Mill finish aluminum, PVC


Recessed, Add-on, Customized


Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Customized


Bush, Self-closing & Hinge, Magnetic Gasket,


Beverage Cooler, Freezer, Showcase, Merchandiser, etc.


EPE foam + Seaworthy wooden case (Plywood Carton)


OEM, ODM, etc.


1 Year

Our LED Illuminated Frame Cooler Glass Door is designed to enhance the visibility of your products while providing a sleek and modern appearance. With the option to add your logo or slogan, this glass door offers an opportunity for branding and customization. Perfect for showcasing beverages or food items in commercial settings, this door is sure to make a statement. Illuminate your products with style and sophistication with our LED Cooler Glass Door from KinginGlass.

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