Sleek and Versatile Cooler Glass Door for Commercial Refrigeration Projects

Short Description:

Enhance your commercial refrigeration projects with our high-quality Cooler Glass Door. Offering durability and functionality, our PVC Frame Glass Door is ideal for upright display showcase and beverage coolers. Trust Kinginglass for top-notch products.



To meet the versatile requirement for Coolers, Refrigerators, Showcases, and other Commercial Refrigeration projects, we supply frameless designs with an Acrylic Spacer, several handles design, a Self-closing function, and door closer buffers for additional choices, we can also design or open mold according to the clients drawing.

This standard Aluminum Sliding Glass Door include several accessories to keep it functional. Sliding Wheels, Brush for better sealing, Magnetic Stripe and Self-closing Spring for easy closing, and stopper for anti-pinch hand.

Except for the above features, such Aluminum outer frame, Aluminum Sliding Door frame, Self-closing function, Door closer buffer, etc, the acrylic spacer also supplied great esthetic and more wider visible range, all the outer frames are laser welded with strong strength and smooth surface. The Sliding Door sizes can be customized

From the Sheet Glass entering our factory, we have strict QC and inspection in every processing, including Glass Cutting, Glass Polishing, Silk Printing, Tempering, Insulating, Assembly, etc. We have all the necessary inspection records to track each piece of our deliveries.  


Key Features


Double Glazing for Cooler

Low-E Tempered Glass

Strong Magnetic Stripe

Aluminum or PVC Spacer

The Aluminum Frame

Self-closing function, Door Closer Buffer for superior version

Full-length handle




Display Showcase Fridges Aluminum Sliding Glass Door


Tempered, Low-E


Double Glazing

Insert Gas

Argon Filled

Glass Thickness

4mm, 3.2mm, Customized




Mill finish aluminum, PVC


Full-length, Add-on, Customized


Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Customized


Sliding Wheel, Magnetic Stripe, Brush, etc


Beverage Cooler, Showcase, Merchandiser, Fridges, etc.


EPE foam + Seaworthy wooden case (Plywood Carton)


OEM, ODM, etc.


1 Year


Elevate your refrigeration game with our innovative Cooler Glass Door. Designed with a frameless Acrylic Spacer and various handle options, our door features a self-closing function and door closer buffers for added convenience. Whether you need a PVC frame cooler glass door or a visi cooler refrigerator glass door, we can customize to your specifications. Trust Kinginglass for superior quality and design expertise in upright coolers and display showcase glass doors. Experience the difference with our premium glass doors for commercial refrigeration projects.

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