High-Quality Front Curved Insulated Glass for Commercial Refrigeration

Short Description:

Our Front Curved Insulated Glass is designed for commercial refrigeration units, showcasing superior energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Elevate your display with our durable and stylish curved glass panels.



By using the Curved Insulated Glass on the Showcase, it can extraordinarily reduce energy consumption, and reduce by 50% of the preventive maintenance. The Curved Insulated Glass Showcase displays your products with quality and elegance, such Curved Insulated Glass can come in different sizes and designs, it is always the best solution to showcase your products with Curved Glass Bakery and deli Display cases.


Our Front Curved Insulated Glass is widely used on Large Curved Glass Refrigerated Deli Cases; Bakery & Meat Showcase Cake display counters, bakery Showcase counters, Cooling Showcase, etc. When you think about innovative bakery and deli display cases, our Curved Glass is always an integral part.


Except for the double 4mm Tempered Glass configuration, Our Curved Insulated Glass has multiple customization options, including Low-E Tempered Glass, Heated Insulated Glass, LED Insulated Glass, and so on.


Our Front Curved or Bent Insulated Glass is produced with high-quality sheet glass from big brands; we have 3 advanced production lines to ensure the quality and production ability of 400K per year to meet clients’ requirements with different scales. Our rich experienced technical team can assist with any of your ideas to make them as accurate as to meet your commercial refrigeration need.

From the sheet glass entry to cutting, grinding, silk printing, and tempering, we have necessary inspections in each processing to ensure the glass reaches the standard and requirements of clients. The standard QC report output for every shipment, we deliver products, value, and rest assured.


Key Features


2-Pane with/without Low-E for Normal Temp or Hot

Interior filled with Argon Glass

Anti-fog, Anti-condensation, Anti-frost

Colors can be customized

Silk Screen Painting is available

Clients Logo can be printed

Customization according to the client’s design




Product Name

Curved/Bent Insulated Glass


Tempered Glass, Low-E Glass, Heated Glass

Insert Gas

Air, Argon


Double Glazing, Triple Glazing

Glass Thickness


Glass Size

Max. 2500*1500mm, Min. 350mm*180mm

Insulated Glass Thickness


Normal Thickness

3.2mm, 4mm, Customized


Curved, Special Shaped


Clear, Ultra Clear, Gray, Green, Blue, etc.




Mill finish aluminum, PVC, Warm Spacer


Polysulfide & Butyl Sealant


EPE foam + Seaworthy wooden case (Plywood Carton)


OEM, ODM, etc.

Raking, circular and triangular units can be manufactured


1 Year



Transform your commercial showcase or display with our innovative Front Curved Insulated Glass. Engineered for superior energy savings and enhanced aesthetics, our glass panels are the ideal solution for bakery curved insulated glass, refrigeration units, chiller cabinets, coolers, and freezers. Experience a 50% reduction in energy consumption and preventive maintenance, making our insulated glass a cost-effective and sustainable choice for your business. Upgrade your refrigeration display with Kinginglass today.

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